In today’s times, when air pollution statistics in our country are breaking all records, the first question that comes into our minds (other than how did we manage to get here!) is that where are we headed from here?

Recent reports on air pollution reveal that the air quality in a confined space, like homes and offices, is getting even worse. What do we do then?

Get an air purifier, you would say.

Selecting an air purifier that meets your needs can be a daunting task, given the complication of a large number of features and technology that could be difficult to understand. Here is an easy guide that can help you make an informed decision and breathe morning fresh air through the day.

Know About HEPA? You Should!

We all know the importance of keeping our homes clean and dust-free, but that’s not enough to maintain the utmost sanitization. It is vital to get rid of all kinds of harmful pollutants to keep a check on the quality of air we breathe in. PM 2.5 particles are 2.5 micrometers in diameter and are caused by pollution from motor vehicles, industrial plants and agricultural burning. These particles can get into the lungs and cause severe health problems. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) technology helps in the filtration of these particles as well as disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Make sure you check for this one, it’s an absolute necessity!

Pre-Filter – The Protection Starts Here

Most of the allergic reactions are caused and triggered by pollutants like hair, pollen, coarse particles and fine dust present in the air. A pre-filter in an air purifier helps to capture these large particles to help keep allergies at bay.

Check For An ‘Active Carbon’ Filter

We try to make sure that our houses are free from smoke and other gases, but we only have limited control over the external environment. The active carbon filter absorbs and removes harmful gases, volatile organic compounds and odour.


Odour Remover – Breathe Fresh Air All Day Long

Some purifiers have a built-in air freshening technology that discharges a stream of negatively charged particles that purify the air and fill it with freshness that strengthens the physiological activity. Who would not love to breathe purest quality air full of freshness like it is in the morning.


You Deserve A Sound, Peaceful Sleep

Sound sleep is something we all crave for and would not want to compromise it for anything, not even an air purifier! Check for the comfort mode so that your peaceful sleep is not interrupted with the noise from the air purifier.


Easy Filter Replacement

It is a difficult task to keep track of filter replacements and maintenance of the purifier. Choose a purifier that can indicate when you need to replace the filters. Simple!


You can now ensure good quality morning fresh air in your home with air purifiers with 3 or 4 levels of filtration and other user friendly features. The only other things to keep in mind are the size of the room and the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate).

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