FreshCare+ 10kg Front Load Washing Machine


FreshCare+ 10kg Front Load Washing Machine

Looking for a washing machine that can handle all your laundry needs? Look no further than the Whirlpool 10kg Front Load Washer. This powerful machine comes equipped with 6th SENSE technology, which automatically chooses the best washing cycle to save time, energy, and water consumption. Plus, the FreshCare+ feature will make laundry stay soft and fresh inside the machine for up to 6 hours. And with the Steam Hygiene feature, you can be assured that your laundry is being treated with the utmost care while eliminating any bacteria from fibers. Choose the Whirlpool 10kg Front Load Washer for all your laundry needs – you won’t be disappointed!

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Whirlpool 6th Sense

Automatically detects the amount of laundry and according to the fabric type, chooses the best washing cycle. This intuitive technology guarantees optimal performance as well as time, energy and water consumption.

Key features


The ideal solution to make laundry stay soft and fresh inside the machine for up to 6 hours. By gently massaging the laundry with several slow biodirectional oscillations alternated with steam jets. Allowing air to circulate inside the fibers to prevent bad odours.

Sense Inverter Motor

Silent performance. This Whirlpool Washing Machine’s innovative SENSE Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting, silent performance. Enjoy both ideal results and some extra peace and quiet.

Colours 15

Low temperatures, perfect protection. The Colour 15° option provides all the care and protection you deserve, while ensuring ideal washing results for all your coloured clothing.

Steam Hygiene

This option enhances washing performance by generating steam during the wash cycle that eliminates any bacteria from fibres while treating them at the same time. Place the laundry in the drum, choose a compatible programme and select option.

Steam Refresh

In this special refreshing cycle, the washer generates a flow of steam that penetrates into the fibers, removing unpleasant smells, relaxing fibers and smoothing creases. Steam Refresh uses less than two glasses of water and lasts just 20 minutes.

5 Year Warranty

Guarantees peace of mind and value for money knowing that any product fault or defect is covered by full replacement to ensure the product works as described.

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