The N°1 in preserving your food, for freshness up to 4 times longer.

A passion for beauty
in every detail

We believe that a fulfilling user experience begins
with the senses. Whirlpool appliances are designed to
be beautiful, eye-catching additions to your home.

Consumer Insights

We are committed to providing you the most fulfilling user experience imaginable. From outstanding design and intuitive interaction, to ideal results. We wouldn't be able to do so without your help. Explore the technologies, features and design elements we've developed thanks to our most valuable contributors: you.

What you asked us for

I want spotless, shiny glasses at the end of the wash cycle
I want my washing machine to make as little noise as possible, during the wash cycle.
I expect same level of cooking results I'm used to, but more time and energy-efficient
My fresh food must keep colour, shape and fragrance over time