The new year is a reason for hope and brings along the long standing tradition of making new year resolutions! While the resolutions are followed in the beginning, busy schedules and workloads soon get in the way. We are here to help! Whirlpool appliances come with the guarantee of unmatched quality and they work wonders as your trusted helping hand. Having our appliances gives you time to do what you want while the appliance does the job at hand.

This year, transform your resolutions into #DelightfulResolutions that you can make come true

Don’t let cooking stop you from following your passion

Planning your meals in advance is the key. Make weekly meal plans so that you can order all the grocery in one go and spare time from multiple visits to the store. Also, you could prepare extra food and store it in the refrigerator for days when you are really short of time. You can also wash, chop and store vegetables and sauté onions and tomato puree for the next few meals to cut down your daily cooking time. Whirlpool Intellifresh refrigerators preserve food and keep fruits and vegetables fresh for 7 days, giving you the much needed time to pursue your resolution.

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