Tying the knot and sharing your life with someone special is an indescribable feeling. The new beginning is full of excitement, special moments and brings with it a promise of happy times. However, once you start settling into routine, managing daily chores, work and still making time for each other can become difficult. You could still sneak in those moments of delight and create new memories by doing these five everyday things together.

Set Up The House

Moving to a new place is always exciting and also a little daunting, especially when you have to share it with someone. What better way to know each other’s choices than setting it up together. Sit down and plan out the steps, get some supplies and make your house a dream home. Do up the house by highlighting corners with accent cushions, vases and wall décor that have your personal touch and do keep each other’s interests in mind to make the space your own. Don’t forget to bring home appliances that not only make housekeeping a delight but also create a warm and welcome home for your friends and family! And while you are at it, the moments you spend together are sure to have lasting impressions.

Try New Recipes


Is it food that connects you with your partner? Just spend some time together in the kitchen and cook up your favourite dishes. Check out some easy recipes on the Whirlpool Culineria mobile app that you can quickly dish out in the microwave. You may not be a culinary expert, but when the timer goes off and you see your masterpiece, the excitement you feel is for real. Then again, even if the meal doesn’t turn out as planned, nothing is lost! It is the love that went into the meal that counts, right?

Laundry Date


Doing laundry may not be the most exciting job. But not when you do it with your partner! While you sort the clothes, your partner can put them in the washing machine or vice-versa. Then relax, sip a cup of coffee or dance to your favourite song while all the hard work gets done by the machine. Putting the clothes to dry can be fun too.  Just don’t mess them up too much while you race to see who is faster!

Make A Hearty Breakfast


Starting the day together with a scrumptious breakfast is a good idea, but making the spread together is definitely a better one! Make the masala sandwich you love or her preferred baked beans on toast or may be both, with the Whirlpool toaster by your side. Quickly get the coffee going with hot water from our digital kettle and top it up with whipped cream made in a jiffy using our hand blender. A mouth watering proposition, isn’t it? And the memories that you create in the process, those are timeless!

Go Grocery Shopping


Tired of deciding who goes to the supermarket? Try doing it together over the weekend. To start with, have a list in place so that you save time and are well stocked till the next trip. Your Whirlpool refrigerator will keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for the entire week. Doing the grocery shopping together will make it faster and to top it, you will have just enough time to catch your favourite movie before getting back home!

Sometimes we forget to show how much we love and care for each other and doing daily things together reinforces this without words.  Get ready to bond some more over these regular household tasks. You may be surprised how these little things can make wonders happen!

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